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Because you rule your city as a Democracy, your peasants are happy. This makes them stand behind you, and slow your conquerors down by 10%. 10% of 24 hours does not mean 2:40:00 hours extra. It means the following,

24 hours are 1440 minutes.

1440x 1.10= 1584

1584 minutes are 26 hours and 24 minutes.

So instead of taking 24:00:00 to being conquered, it takes 26:24:00 before you are conquered.

This research is not available on Revolt System worlds


Picture Technology Description Cost
At Level 10
Democracy.png Democracy Your people are behind their leader. It takes 10% longer to overthrow your city. Holz.png3100 Stein.png3100 Silbermünzen.png4100 Research Points.png6

-- By Skullyhoofd

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