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In Grepolis, each player starts off with a Polis. Like a village or town, this is where they will start building up both their troops and buildings. This will be their home for the next while, before they go off and conquer other Poli or have their polis conquered.

The word Polis can be translated into English as "a city", "a city-state", and also "citizenship"/"body of citizens".

In your Polis you have all of your buildings and also all of your troops/ships. It is also possible to gain more Poli, through either the method of Conquering or Colonizing.

The most amount of points a polis can have is 13,716.

Role of Polis'

All players have polis', the polis is your connection to the actual physical/fighting portion of the game. Through your polis', you can send troops to attack and support, you can trade, and you can grow. Without polis', all you would be able to do would be communicate to other players and to administrate alliances.

Independence of polis'

In a polis, you have multiple parts, there are:

  • Buildings
  • Researches
  • Troops
  • Ships
  • A market/trade
  • Resource production

All of the abilities just listed are separate per polis, they can be shared indirectly, and in the case of troops, supported, but all of them are tied to individual polis', NOT the player as a whole. The following things are affected by polis', but are shared by all the polis' of a player:

  • Divine favor
  • Favor production

As you can see, polis' of a player are, almost entirely, separate entities that happen to be controlled by one mind. Polis' of a single player only share divine powers/favor and the inability to attack each other (If you attack your own polis, no troops are lost, and the report says that your troops visited and had tea and cake).

Abilities of a polis

A polis can trade, attack, support, build troops, research, and build buildings


See Trade


A polis can attack and support other polis', the ONLY polis' that can not be attacked are your own polis', all polis' can be supported. If you send out troops to support another polis, the troops do NOT go the that polis' control, troops can only be sent out to attack or support from the polis that they were recruited in.

Building Troops

Troops can be recruited in the Harbor and Barracks


See Research


Buildings can be built in the Senate In order to perform actions and gain Points.

Gaining/Losing Polis'

In order to gain polis', you can either Conquer them, or Colonize them, you can lose polis' to other players who choose to conquer them.