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With Shipwright researched, the men in your harbour gain more experience, and work 10% faster. For Example, with a level 1 Harbor, it takes 2:40:00 to complete 1 Transport Boat. 2:40:00 is equal to 160 minutes.

160x 0.10= 16

160- 16= 144

144 minutes is equal to 2:24:00

So in a Harbor with Shipwright researched, it will only take 2:24:00 to complete 1 Transport Boat.


Picture Technology Description Cost
At Level 10
Shipwright.png Shipwright Shipbuilders support your shipyard workers. The Harbour works 10% faster. Holz.png5000 Stein.png2000 Silbermünzen.png3900 Research Points.png6

-- By Skullyhoofd

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