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As the ruler of the ocean. He lives in a crystal palace deep below the sea. When he is in a good humor, Poseidon creates new islands and lets the ocean be still and navigable. When he gets angry, he plunges his trident into the ground, causing earthquakes, floods, and making ships sink.

Poseidon's Divine Powers

Kingly Gift

Kingly Gift

Wood washes up on the city shore. Poseidon is showing his good side.

The selected ciy receives 800 wood.

25 Favor.png
Call of the Ocean

Call of the Ocean

Strong waves break against the city shore; the harbor workers are gripped with a sudden sense of urgency to follow the call of the sea.

In the harbor, all construction orders are accelerated by 100% if assigned within the next 12 hours. (Speed 1 World)

60 Favor.png


The ground shakes and quakes, with huge pieces of the city wall plunging into the depths.

The city wall of the selected city is lowered by 1 to 3 levels.
There is a cool down timer for this spell, in which time it cannot be used on the same city. This time is 4 hours on a speed 1 world, and so 1:20 hours on a speed 3 world.

350 Favor.png
Sea Storm

Sea Storm

Poseidon rises and beats the ships with furious waves. It is not a good day for seafarers.

Destroys 10-30% of the enemy's naval units (can only be used on an incoming attack).

280 Favor.png

Poseidon's Mythical Units

Name Description Stats


Cyclops are one-eyed giants who throw large boulders at their foes. They can be defended against with sharp weapons. Weapon Type Weapon type: Distance

Attack DamageAttack Damage: 1035

SpeedSpeed: 8

PopulationPopulation: 40

FavorFavor: 240

Defense BluntDefense against Blunt: 1050

Defense SharpDefense against Sharp: 10

Defense DistanceDefense against Distance: 1450



There is no wave, no storm, no enemy than a seafarer fears more than a hydra. The nine-headed monster rises from the water, crushes entire ships with its mouths and devours its crew. Weapon TypeWeapon type: Naval

Attack DamageAttack Damage: 1310

SpeedSpeed: 8

PopulationPopulation: 50

FavorFavor: 300

DefenceNaval Defence: 1400

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