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Cyclop 90x90.jpg
The Cyclops are rarely ever used in battle. They lack attack power, and the fact that it takes 2 transport boats to carry one Cyclop, makes them pretty much worthless in attack. In defense they can be useful but only under certain circumstances. If an enemy mainly uses Slingers and Horses then these troops can be very good. If the enemy attacks with Hoplites or Chariots your Cyclops are in trouble!

(Must worship Poseidon and must have a temple level 12).

No research required.
Costs Stats
Wood.png: 3000 Favor.png: 240 Distance Attack: 1035 Def hack.png: 1050
Stone.png: 5000 Pop.png: 40 Speed.png: 8 Def pierce.png: 10
Silver.png: 4000 Time.png: 1:59:30 Booty icon.png: 320 Def distance.png: 1450

1. Recruiting times are given of a level 1 barrack
2. Speed of the unit is given for worlds with unit speed 1. (A unit with Speed 15 will have speed 30 on a unit speed 2 world!)