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Erinys 90x90.jpg
In Greek mythology the Erinys were supernatural personifications of the anger of the dead. The Erinys emerged from the drops of blood of Uranus.

Erinys are considerably strong. They have a high ranged attack rating so are very useful for attacking. Their defending against ranged weapons is also decent.

(Must worship Hades and must have a temple level 16).

No research required.
Costs Stats
Wood.png: 3300 Favor.png: 330 Distance Attack: 1700 Def hack.png: 460
Stone.png: 6600 Pop.png: 55 Speed.png: 20 Def pierce.png: 460
Silver.png: 6600 Time.png: 2:51:44 Booty icon.png: 440 Def distance.png: 595

Speed of the unit is given for worlds with unit speed 1. (A unit with Speed 15 will have speed 30 on a unit speed 2 world).