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Their festive and cheerful nature deceives many who face them in combat. But no man nor creature on land can out run their fearless chase. Swift like the wind and sharp as Aphrodite's charm, they will cut through defenses in no time.

(Must worship Aphrodite and must have a temple level 5).

No research required.
Costs Stats
Wood.png: 1450 Favor.png: 95 Sharp Attack: 385 Def hack.png: 55
Stone.png: 750 Pop.png: 16 Speed.png: 136 Def pierce.png: 105
Silver.png: 2600 Time.png: 2:55:20 Booty icon.png: 335 Def distance.png: 170

Speed of the unit is given for worlds with unit speed 1. (A unit with Speed 15 will have speed 30 on a unit speed 2 world).