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Defensive Guides

Defensive Guides

On this page you will find all of the Defensive guides that we have on the wiki. There is a short write up on each guide and a rating from the wiki team. These guides will help you pick up a new few tricks which will hopefully help you successfully defend your cities from attackers.
Note: Please read the Wiki Guides Disclaimer before copying any of these guides.

CS Sniping with Anchors
Author: swarren102
Description: A nice step-by-step guide on how to snipe in a conquest world. A must-read for all players looking to pick up this vital skill!
Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.png
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General Defense Guide
Author: Asjo
Description: This is a very good guide, it doesn't just tell you what you need to do to repulse an attack, but it also explains why you should do it. A nice little guide, well worth a read.
Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.pngBlackStar.png
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Survival Guide
Author: Unknown.
Description: A guide on how to defend from attacks. It is fairly basic, useful for beginners, though the step-by-step aspect of it is always helpful. Certainly worth a read, it isn't long and you will probably pick up some useful tips.
Rating: BlackStar.pngBlackStar.png
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