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The 'What to do when you're being attacked" Guide

Please note that this guide is meant primarily for players who are just starting out and have one 1 city.

So you have built up this nice city 1500-2000 points. You have been peaceful, not even attacking the two hundred point city in your area because you might hurt their feelings and you have only asked for a few resources from the farming villages because hey, they need to eat too right? However this evil person attacks your city while your offline and you find that the fifty or so of your troops that you build lie dead on the ground and your warehouse is empty. So what do you do?

First off keep calm, Grepolis was designed for people like you to be able to survive and yes even beat these people who are farming you. So what do I do you ask? Following my eight steps should help!

The Eights Steps

1. Research city guard. Militia are incredibly damaging troops that are essentially free for you. They provide 0 benefits to the attacker while taking out some of his troops and even providing you with valuable, free BP (Battle Points).

  • Although you should note that your resource production is cut for 3 hours if you call up the militia.

2. Whenever you see an attack coming, call out the militia and let the attacker fight it. If you are done playing for the day and the big bad farmer hasn't attacked you yet, make sure to call the militia before you log off on the chance that he attacks 3 hours after you log out.

3. Do not build troops! This is an important point. If I'm farming someone, I'm actually happy that they produce troops. BP is an incredibly valuable resource that I'm not sure I'll have a constant supply of. So if you provide me with 20 or 30 BP a day by producing that many troops, I'll gladly take it instead of your resources. After all, every 300 BP is worth 15000 18000 15000 resources (for a City Festival).

  • Although, if you know that you are going to be online for a while, then you could build up a few units and send them away to a neighbouring city as they are built. This way you are able to build up defence, as well as avoiding the attacks.

4. Spend all resources. Before an attack hits or before you log out make sure you spend all your resources. Ideally the best situation for you is that he loses a lot of troops to your militia while gaining 0 resources or BP.

5. Only build the following buildings:

a. City Wall - This increases your troops' defense value.

b. Farm - Every additional level you produce gives you 15 more militia to fight with, up to Level 25.

c. Temple - For reasons I'll go into next, you need a lot of favor.

Remember attackers can destroy city walls and other buildings (if stone hail is researched) so if you have a choice of what to build, go for the farm or temple.

  • Unless they Lightning Bolt you, this can take a level off of any building.

6. Spend all of your favour and change the god you worship in the temple to Zeus. He loves the downtrodden. Do not do anything with this favor until you reach 200. Once you get 200 cast the bolt spell on your attacker's city. (Go to the map, click his city, click on enact divine power - click bolt.) If you get a message saying you are not allowed, to it means one of two things.

1. He is under Athena's protection - in which case you wait for it to run out and then cast the bolt.

2. Some other kind person has cast bolt on him within the last 4 hours for being a meanie. In which case wait till you can cast bolt.

7. Join an alliance. You have probably heard that MRAs are bad and they generally are. But in this case they will work for you. First, they generally don't care that you're being farmed so they will let you in. Second, they have lots of members who also generate favour. Join the biggest alliance you can. If you can join a 1000 man alliance then do so. It doesn't really matter if you're close to them or not, you're not getting support anyway. Some alliances may not let you in if they know that you are being attacked. Most will however! Just send a nice message to the leader/recruiter for the alliance. Explain that you are new to the game, you are being attacked and you would like some help and they should be nice and help you out.

  • Also note that you should join an alliance that is in your ocean, you need allies to be near to you, not hours and hours away.

8. Put up a thread in your alliance saying you are being farmed and ask them to bolt your attacker. Most of them would be happy to oblige as bolting takes very little effort. Remember if only 1% of your alliance listen to you that's still 10 bolts a day aimed at your attacker. If you feel there is not enough people who have agree to help you then be proactive and start private messaging random members of your alliance and ask them to help.

A few things to avoid

There are a few things that you want to avoid in this situation, namely: aggravating the situation. Though, it is hard to say as not all situations are the same and neither are all attackers.

  • In general, it is a bad idea to message the attacking player saying things like-
    • etc
  • All caps tends to annoy people and it could just make the situation worse. This is not to say that you should never message the person who is attacking you. Some will be understanding, we have all been in your situation at one point or another and they may stop attacking you. I suppose it is worth a shot! Most players will take the viewpoint that it is all part of the game and you should see it as being valuable experience for you. :)
  • All too often players will see an incoming attack and will immediately write to the attacker and will just start an argument with them in the end. This helps no-one and can really ruin the game for some people. My rule #1, don't message them until you've thought about it for a while.
  • Sending in a support ticket to the in game moderation team-
    • Unless you have reason to believe that the player who is attacking you is cheating then there is nothing that the moderation team can do for you. It is part of the game after all!
    • If you are unsure as to whether a player is doing something wrong, take a look at the game rules. If you are still unsure, then do send in a ticket. It is better that you send it in and are wrong than you not report the player and they were actually cheating. Players cheating IS is a rare occurrence, do not think that it is the norm!

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