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Mythical Units are the most powerful units in grepolis, but they are also the most expensive, and they require divine favor from the gods in order to create. Guide

The list of mythical Units





The Properties of Mythical Units

The Cost

Mythical units all cost more than regular units. Most importantly, they require divine favor from The Gods in order to create them. Because if this it is almost impossible to create a great number of mythical units at any one time, because of the great favor costs.

In relation to other units

All mythical units are not considered to be like other units when calculating certain things, in these situations mythical units are not treated as regular units:

  • When sending out a C-Ship, a hydra can not be used as the battle ship, nor other mythical units as land units
  • When accounting for Phalanx/Battering Ram research

Mythical Units are applied similarly to other units when:

  • Trainer/conscription or shipwright/mathematics are researched
  • when accounting for the wall, all myth units but hydra are accounted in
  • on all land (not flying/naval) myth units, they can die on transport boats

When supporting cities

Mythical units can not support a city that does not worship their god, although they can attack any city


There are three types of mythical units, flying, naval, and land


Manticore, Harpy, and Pegasus fall under this category. Flying mythical units do not require transport boats and will always bypass the navy of the defender. These mythical units tend to go significantly faster than anything else, because the max speed of any naval ship is 18.75 (That is a bireme or fast transport's speed +25%, to account for Lighthouse and cartography Research) and the slowest flying unit travels at 22 speed


The Hydra is the only naval mythical unit, and because it is slower then the Light Ship and Bireme, while not being any stronger in a single area means that it is generally not used. The pro(s) of the Hydra are:

  • a stronger mix of offense and defense then any other naval unit
  • because speed does not particularly matter when escorting C-Ships, this makes a great C-Ship escort.


  • slower then LS/Bireme
  • significantly more expensive then LS/Bireme
  • Is not affected by Battering Ram research

Due to this, Hydras are rarely built in large quantities and people can usually find a better use for their Poseidon Favor


Minotaur, Cyclops, Medusa, and Centaur. These units are all susceptible to being sunken in a transport boat because in that respect they are identical to other land units. They can not fly, and are also therefore affected by ship speed. The only unit of these 4 usually built in reasonable quantities is the Medusa, due to its relatively high offensive and defensive scores (both higher then any other in the game), but is also the most expensive by a very high margin, so you can not usually build more then 4 or 5 before they get killed in action.