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Militia is a special unit which can not be recruited in the barracks. Instead, you are able to call them up from the farm. They cost no resources, nor population space. However, if you activate them then production will halve in your city for 3 hours. Militia is a purely defensive unit, it cannot attack and you cannot send it to other cities, even as support. After 3 hours they will disappear (if they have not been killed already) and your production will be back to 100%. Your resource production will remain at 50% for 3 hours, even if all of the militia is killed only seconds after activation.
No research required.
Costs Stats
Wood.png: 0 Favor.png: 0 Att hack.png: 0 Def hack.png: 6
Stone.png: 0 Pop.png: 0 Speed.png: 0 Def pierce.png: 8
Silver.png: 0 Time.png: 0 Booty icon.png: 0 Def distance.png: 4

1. Recruiting times are given for the lowest level of the barracks at which the unit can be trained.
2. Speed of the unit is given for worlds with unit speed 1. (A unit with Speed 15 will have speed 30 on a unit speed 2 world!)


During emergencies, you can arm civilians in order to defend impending attacks. Residents are summoned from their buildings and are ordered to defend.

Militia do not get trained in the barracks. Instead, they can be enlisted for 3 hours from your Farm. During this time, resource production is lowered by 50% but a number of militia are recruited to defend your village. After the 3 hours are up, resource production returns to normal.

The amount of militia recruited depends on farm level and Research. For every farm level, you receive 10 militia (or 15 with the city guard research). This is capped at level 25 (meaning that the maximum amount of militia is 375). This militia remain militia for 3 hours before returning to their work. Militia cannot be used to attack other villages.

One advantage of using militia is that, even if they are killed, you do not lose the population. Another is that if they are killed by an attacking player, they do not earn any BP from killing them. However, opponents can tell your farm level just from the amount of militia you have.